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Are you after a good-looking and comfortable baby sling in Australia? Then look no further than the Mamaway Maternity baby travel products. Our baby sling wraps are among our best-selling products because they are supportive, easy to use, adjustable, lightweight and sturdy. One of the must-have baby items for new parents and parents of toddlers alike, take a look at our baby slings online to find the one both you and your baby will love.

Discover game-changing baby sling wraps

Once you start looking into the benefits of investing in a baby sling, you will be amazed by its versatility. The best baby slings are those that are adaptable enough to serve you through all the growing stages of your little one — like our Mamaway Baby Ring Slings. You can use our baby slings for your newborn when you just can’t put your baby down without hearing cries, to help settle your bub for sleep or simply to get on with your tasks for the day while keeping an eye on the most precious little person in your life.

Thanks to the generous extra fabric and good width, you can also use the baby sling for breastfeeding, at home or in public. Once your baby is older, Mamaway’s slings are strong and spacious enough to help you carry your toddler on your front or your hip.

Top-quality baby slings in Australia

With safety at the forefront of all our products, you’ll only find top-quality materials in our Baby Ring Sling. From the ultra-strong N66 double rings that don’t twist, bend, stretch, deform or conduct heat to the 100% brushed cotton used to make the sling (which is softer and gentler on the skin than regular cotton), ours truly are the best baby slings in Australia. A hidden storage pocket design makes it easy to pack and carry your new Mamaway baby sling wrap with you wherever you go so that no matter when your baby wants to be held, you will be ready to do it without having to abandon your task.

Shop for baby slings and more online at Mamaway

When looking for affordable baby-carrying products of excellent quality, safe and long-lasting, Mamaway is Australia’s one-stop shop. From the best baby slings to carry your baby to breathable pram liners that ensure comfortable ride all year long, you will find great products to help you carry your baby on our site.


Are slings safe for newborn babies?

Yes, you can use a baby sling for your newborn. Remember to follow the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines to ensure you keep your little one safe at all times.

What's better, a baby carrier or a sling?

While baby carriers give you more structured support, baby sling wraps are more adjustable. In particular, baby slings wraps can be made to fit around different body shapes in a matter of seconds, without having to pull and loosen several different strings, meaning any parent can wear them interchangeably. Baby slings also accommodate different baby carrying positions and, when they have enough extra fabric, like our Mamaway ones, growing babies’ sizes.

Can my baby sleep in the baby sling wrap?

Baby slings are designed to carry your baby. While they are also optimal for soothing a fussy baby, and you can carry your napping baby in them, it is recommended that you lay down your sleeping baby in their bassinet instead.

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