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Nursing your child can be pretty stressful. Every mother wants to ensure their bub is getting all their required nutrients. Whether opting for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having the right baby feeding products on hand, like a nursing pillow and baby wipes, will help support your little one and ensure they get the nutrition they need to grow and develop. After all, a well-fed baby means a happy baby.

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Newborn babies eat every 2 to 3 hours. That's 8 to 12 times a day! If you are breastfeeding, stocking up on baby feeding products can make those times easier for you and your bubba. Our maternity and feeding pillow is our number one best selling nursing product, and it is bound to be your breast friend! It provides comfortable support while bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, alleviating any back and shoulder strain. If breastfeeding, you can use the moon pillow to hold your bub at the right height to latch onto your breast and stay in position, something they might struggle with in the early days. For women who are recovering from a c-section, our pillow can act as a buffer between your tender abdomen and your baby. The moon pillow makes for a great sleep companion while pregnant if you struggle to find a comfortable position.

Another common problem for breastfeeding mothers is keeping their bras clean from leaking breast milk. An easy solution is to use our disposable maternity pads — a must-have baby nursing product to avoid the risk of bacterial growth or painful inflammations.

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Shop our range of baby nursing products to help your baby adjust to their everyday feeding routine and maximise your comfort while sharing this incredible bonding experience. Check out our best sellers, babywearing products and maternity ranges for more useful products.

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What baby feeding products do you need?

A nursing pillow is highly recommended to avoid backache and support your little one while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It also helps the mother avoid any back pain or strain on the arm over time, especially when a newborn requires feeding so often in the early stages!

Why should I choose Mamaway Maternity’s baby nursing products online?

Our baby nursing products are beautifully designed, and they’re also versatile and practical to provide you and your bub support during your feeding journey.

What baby feeding products do you put in a breastfeeding cart?

A breastfeeding cart allows you to wheel everything you need around the house. Our nursing pillows, disposable nursing pads and ultra-soft baby wipes are essential items to keep your breastfeeding cart stocked whenever you need them.

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