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While you can easily cover a baby bump with loose shirts and tops for up to 3-4 months into your pregnancy, you are probably going to be more comfortable wearing maternity shirts and tops in your second and third trimester. At Mamaway, all of our pregnancy tops are designed in-house and manufactured to the highest standards, so you will always feel comfortable in your clothing, regardless of the changes your body is undergoing. We use soft and stretchy materials that will accommodate your body as its shape and size change. Available in simple and stylish designs, our pregnancy shirts will ensure that you feel beautiful — no matter the occasion.

2-in-1 maternity and feeding tops

At Mamaway Maternity, we believe in designing products that are beautiful but also practical and efficient. For this reason, all of our pregnancy t-shirts, tops and jumpers double up as nursing tops as well. A variety of discreet opening solutions allow you to easily breastfeed or pump wherever you are, without having to show more skin than you are comfortable with. Pair our maternity feeding tops with our maternity bras for all the support and access needed during pregnancy and while caring for a newborn.

Save money when transitioning to nursing with our feeding tops online

Having a baby isn’t cheap, but there are things you can do to reduce costs here and there. For example, why should you have to spend extra money on pregnancy tops and then, after giving birth, postpartum tops that facilitate nursing? We don’t believe that’s fair, and that’s why we have designed a versatile range of 2-in-1 maternity and feeding tops. Discover summery pregnancy t-shirts with hem designs and concealed openings on both sides for breastfeeding. Pair these shirts with shorts for a beachy look or slim jeans for a weekend outfit. Need something more elegant? Take a look at our long sleeve camis or stay warm with our knitted jumpers. These are just a few of the maternity and postpartum tops available online at Mamaway Maternity.

More than just maternity shirts and tops

Whether you are expecting or have a newborn at home already, the chances are high that you need much more than just a few baby bump shirts or nursing tops (but may not have time to shop for them). So before you leave Mamaway with a stylish and comfortable new top, be sure to take a look at the rest of our collection. From matching bottoms or maternity jeans to fashionable dresses, we have all the clothing you need right here in one place. Of course, that includes lingerie and sleepwear too. Save time browsing our best-sellers selection or contact us for help choosing the best styles for you.


Why should I buy nursing tops?

There are many reasons why breastfeeding women like to use nursing tops. First of all, they make feeding time much easier, as you don’t have to get your regular clothes out of the way but simply move some fabric aside as per your specific postpartum top’s design. Nursing tops also keep more of your body covered while feeding, which is convenient if you are worried about getting cold, pump at work or regularly breastfeed outside the house.

What styles and designs of maternity and postpartum tops does Mamaway Maternity offer?

From casual and fresh pregnancy t-shirts with side panes for breastfeeding to elegant and silky maternity and nursing tops with coordinated wide-leg pants, our range of feeding tops online has something for every new mum. Dress up for work, be comfortable at home, or go out with friends looking good and feeling even better with any of our postpartum tops.

Why are Mamaway Maternity’s the best pregnancy tops?

At Mamaway Maternity, we want to help expecting and new mums feel comfortable and prepared, and we believe all this is possible at an affordable price. For this reason, all of our maternity tops and shirts double up as nursing clothing for when the baby arrives. This way, you can use them for a longer period of time — up to 18 months — getting the most out of them and your money.

How many nursing tops do I need?

While this is an entirely personal choice, it’s important to have at least a couple of maternity and feeding tops ready after giving birth. Once the baby arrives, you may find that you won’t have the time to go shopping for postpartum tops. We strongly recommend you choose one or two pregnancy shirts that can double up as nursing tops and create a capsule wardrobe that will see you through the pregnancy and post-pregnancy months.

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