We all know breast milk brings amazing benefits to not only the babies but also the mothers. It is the best food for newborns and especially preterm babies. The substance in human milk is precious and the benefits are irreplaceable therefore it is so-called the “liquid gold”. Natural, health-beneficial, and eco-friendly. But what breastmilk can do, is beyond all these and beyond our imagination.


We all know what cancer is, and what cancer can do to humans. All kinds of cancers take away lives every single day, yet we haven’t yet had the best cure to it. Radiation therapy is among the most popular cancer treatments, as effective as radiation to kill tumor cells, it also kills the healthy ones.


However, Professor Catharina Svanborg from Lund University actually discovered a secret substance from breast milk, that can destroy tumor cells without harming the healthy ones.


HAMLET, full term Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells, are protein complexes that were found in human milk and were proven to kill bad cancer cells. HAMLET can destroy almost 40 kinds of cancers according to research.


Researchers are now in the process of decoding the secret behind HAMLET, continuously discovering and testing the use of this substance in cancer treatment. HAMLET naturally exists in breast milk and the fact it does not bring negative effects to the body leading people to believe it could be “the cure” to cancers. If everything goes right, HAMLET could possibly bring merit to all of us around the world, rescuing uncountable lives from dying.

Breast Milk and Other Cancers

While scientists are still exploring the many possibilities of using these antibacterial molecules in our everyday lives, the other benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding are proven to be effective.


Breastfeeding protects women against breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Women who breastfeed their baby face a lower overall risk of getting breast and ovarian cancers since breastfeeding reduces the chances of women having hormones that are found linked to these 2 cancers.

According to the CDC however, a quarter of women aren’t clear of the benefits breastfeeding brings to them. We need to make people aware of the importance of breastfeeding and breast milk. Share this article, spread the information to those who might be unfamiliar with human milk, and those who believe formula milk is a better option for infants.