Welcome to @mamawayau Program!

Thanks for your purchase at Mamaway, share your product experience and a couple of pictures with us to get $15 rewards on your next order! 

Who are eligible to enter: 

Mamaway’s member who subscribed to the newsletter and purchased Mamaway’s product.

How to receive rewards: 

Email reviews@mamaway.com.au to submit your review and photos of the product purchased. We will approve the submission within 48 days and once it’s approved, we will reward you with $15 to your Mamaway account and email you to confirm. 

Requirements on the content: 

      -Texts: At least 200 characters of your experience using our products, including what product you purchased, how you use it, and your thoughts on the product. 

      -Images: 2 photos include yourself/ bub in the photo with the product.



The participants agree that the texts, photos, and copyright provided are owned by Mamaway, which can be shared on Mamaway’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, relevant social media, product reviews, and other e-commerce sales channel platforms. Mamaway can repost, modify and use them. The organizer reserves the right to examine the review contents provided by the participants. If the contents do not conform to the relevant provisions of the program, the organizer may cancel the exchange qualification. If the program is unable to be carried out due to special factors of force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate and cancel the program. If there are other matters not covered, they shall comply with the relevant provisions of the announcement on the program outline of the organizer. If you do not agree with the above precautions, please do not sign up to participate in this activity, thank you!

Should you have any questions about the program and awards, please leave a message during office hours or contact Mamaway AU Facebook/Instagram indirect message. 

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